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Audio Branding Samples

Take a listen to the audio samples below to hear how good you could sound...

Adrian Bingham

Jury's Inn

“We’ve started a journey with Jurys Meetings and iNarrator has helped to start that journey. Starting to inform customers that we have meeting rooms and that really shows the power of messaging in terms of creating a talking point that then creates customer awareness that then potentially creates business.”


The reason why Jurys Inn has a relationship with iNarrator is the personal touch of doing business how we want it, when we want it, in the method we want it, and it’s always of the utmost quality.


I don’t make wholehearted recommendations lightly but iNarrator seem to have a genuine interest in what we do and improving that for us.”

Project example:

Paul Flannagan

Guinness Partnership

“Having a consistent approach and tone of voice across our IVR system has improved the customer experience and it’s worked an absolute treat.


Over the years we’ve been working with iNarrator the consistency of the voice has been fantastic, it’s not deteriorated, there’s not been any change it’s been quite impressive how consistent that’s been over the years, I don’t think we could tell the difference between the recordings on day one to the most recent.”

Project example:

Samantha Tomlinson


“iNarrator has done a great job helping us create an IVR system which means all we have to do now is monitor and make tweaks at the relevant times of the year.


Steve and the team are always available at the end of the phone if we need to speak and make changes, and critically new messages are always turned around really quickly for us.


Overall we’re very happy with the service we receive.”



Kevin Vost


“iNarrator has helped Wandle sound more professional, more streamlined and have a more joined up approach, the main outcome has been a phenomenal reduction in call wait times.

The professional voice messaging supplied by iNarrator is authorative and guides customers to exactly what they need to be.


It’s a pleasure doing business with iNarrator, it’s one phone call and they take care of the rest.”



Annie Johnson


“The new On Hold Messages supplied by iNarrator have allowed us to promote different destinations, sales promotions and offers. 


We’ve also found the messages have encourage clients to select a new destination that they might not have considered before.”

Project example:

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