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How do you treat your customers?

Do you give them the silent treatment or shout at them?

We’ve all been there… you’re either placed On Hold to some AWFUL MUSIC that’s far too loud, the abyss that is on hold SILENCE, or tortuous meaningless BEEPS…I bet it’s happened at least once today.

How are your treating your callers?

Lets do a test pick up your mobile, call your office number and ask to be put on hold, yes everyone in the office will think you’ve gone mad but… What do you hear?

Ummm thought so… we’ve had 3 company directors call us this week because they’d called their own company and been horrified by what they heard when they were put On Hold!

Your lovely customers deserve better?

On Hold Messaging isn’t as complicated or expensive.  In fact as long as you’ve got a business telephone system you’re probably all set – visit our On Hold Marketing page to find our more and  Request Your Free Bespoke Demo or call the team on 0800 0112 123.


5 Reasons Your Callers Are Hanging Up

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