How to amplify your business with On Hold Marketing

At iNarrator it’s really important to us that we show our clients our human side, we like to be approachable and friendly whilst remaining professional, even more so because we know how many of our clients are fed up with robots on the other end of the line. I’m sure that’s how you’d like to come across in your business too.

Something else that we take seriously are the scripts we produce; they’re all written by us in house after researching your company, tailoring them to your USPs and making you stand out.

We recently came across an article on 2016’s Business Buzzwords and one really stood out to us:

Amplify – a buzzword that couldn’t be more relevant for a company like ours. It should be important to your business too, amplifying isn’t all about cranking up the volume, it’s about raising the bar, making your business boom and heard well above the others.

The Writer, a language consultancy, have noted that amplify is being used in place of words like improve and increase, which is exactly how we want you to see it too. Our scripts aim to polish what you’ve already got whilst keeping things simple. Less is definitely more when it comes to on hold. When creating an on hold message, the most important part is of course the content. What your customers will be listening to whilst they wait must be engaging and current; we write for the ears not the eyes when it comes to on hold messages!

There are 3 main factors to consider when drafting your message scripts:


Top 3 Tips for On Hold Messages

1. Would you be bored listening to your messages on hold? Make it exciting and to the point. Cut out any waffle because your customer shouldn’t be waiting long, but at the same time you want to make sure that when they’re listening to your messages, they get to the point quickly.

2. Which brings us to our next point; how long are your customers usually on hold? Use this as a guide for how many messages you require, there’s nothing worse than hearing the same message again, and again so talk to us about looping and spacing out your messages. This will give your customer the chance to actually take in what your messages are saying without bombarding them every 10 seconds.

3. Lastly – you need to know your audience. We can’t stress enough the importance of effective communication. This is why you need the right combination of content and voice – your message might hit all the right points, but if the delivery doesn’t match then customers may lose interest. So consider your target market and current client base. For example, if you’re more of a casual or corporate company, or whether you would benefit from a regional accent or something more national. We have a huge range of national, regional and world voices so you’ll definitely find something to suit your business!



Leave it to the experts…

You can rely on us as being experts in the field to help you avoid using jargon and clouding the message you want to get across to your customers. We can stop you sounding like a sheep in your on hold marketing, so let us help to amplify your company!


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